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Clients Ability to Determine Post Enhanced Driver Upgrade Client Pend Action while Still at Previous Driver Level

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245709D
Publication Date: 2016-Mar-31
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This article describes how a unique function on a large server would allow a client to accurately pre-plan for resources and time estimate to complete a upgrade. Each large server configuration could be different so this unique function would interrogate each machine uniquely and give the client the specific information for that server.

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Clients Ability to Determine Post Enhanced Driver Upgrade Client Pend Action while Still at Previous Driver Level

Create a Service Element user interface on large servers to allow a client to enter some specific information into the panel to determine machine state 'AFTER' EDM (Enhanced Driver Maintenance) is performed as to what client actions will be required to complete the migration. Client Actions equal toggling components CF,OSA,CRYPTO,FW_PARTITON,ETC. Today, the client have no idea on what additional actions will be required post drive upgrade. This post driver state is different based on the client hardware and firmware level they are going to.

Create a new user interface for the client to enter a future firmware driver level and MCL bundle number. The output from this new user interface would display to the client what pending actions will be requires to resolve at the completion of the upgrade. This information allows for the client to accurately plan/schedule the resources required to complete the upgrade. Today, the client has no idea who / what is needed when the firmware update is completed.

Today, the large Servers mainframes have very good change management controls.

1. This new invention would use current interfaces to determine the current state of the machine (Driver Level / MCL Bundle Level / Pending state).

2. The user would enter in a panel the 'Destination Firmware level / MCL bundle' information. For example the current machine information could be Driver 22, Bundle 26. In this example, No Pending actions for the hardware installed but machine could have pending actions. The 'To Level' or...