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Method for one click notification of found mobile device

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245739D
Publication Date: 2016-Apr-04
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The publication describes an easy to use method of informing the owner of found mobile device to allow giving it back. The solution is easy to implement in any smart phone and easy to configure by the owner.

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Method for one click notification of found mobile device

Nowadays, the (smart)phone is an indispensable element of communication with the

world. We use it everyday. But are we wondering what happens if we lose it by accident?

If we mistakenly left our phone somewhere (at office, on different floor than we

work), which was locked with password and was subsequently found by somebody,

who would like to return it to the owner, he is not able to check any example contact number.

Despite many powerful features the current phone functionality does not allow the finder to quickly and easily inform the owner about such an event. In the current publication we would like to describe an option which may solve this problem. A feature/option, that could be easy to use, and could encourage finder to return a device to its owner.

The idea is very simple and can be implemented in any kind of phone (mobile, smart phone):

Create owner profile with following (all optional) information:
method for call back - can be SMS, email or phone to somebody
SMS or email notification with automatic sending of geographic location

  where the phone can be reached/obtained
name of the owner and/or address in case somebody who knows the owner finds it or wants to return it under given address
award for person returning the device
When at least single information is added to the owner profile, a button available even without unlocking the device is created which can be used by the person who finds the dev...