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Web content information management Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245753D
Publication Date: 2016-Apr-05
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The invention provides a mechanism to record existing web information on the tab with the outline and reading status and progress. The user reading status and progress will be calculated by users' reading behavior.

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Web content information management

Internet users usually open multiple tabs in the web browsers with a bunch of related web resources for one purpose. When they want to document the current status, they have to save pages as bookmarks and take a note. However, users need to wrap up immediately in some cases, such as reboot requests, power shortage, time to leave office, etc. A quick way is needed for outlining the contents of the existing tabs so they can have the summary and continue the work next time easily,

This invention can extract the summary of existing web contents and export it to the clip board in table format. By analyzing users' reading behavior based on reading speed for assessing the reading status and progress, it can set anchors and highlight the paragraph to record users' status and progress. Also, the team members of the users can access the result on Cloud and continue the work collaboratively.

Fig. 1 illustrates the detail description:

The user activates "Browser snapshot" plugin when a web browser is launched


The plugin starts to track user behaviors in the first session web tab "session A" including how much time has been spent and how many


percentages the page has been scrolling

Once the user moves to another new session (or new web tab) in the same browser


The plugin logs the current status and set anchor for the current page position


The plugin sends the data to Analysis Engine on Cloud


Analysis Engine collects the data...