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Hair Care Compositions Containing Polyelectrolyte Complexes Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245770D
Publication Date: 2016-Apr-06
Document File: 22 page(s) / 26M

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The following information is built on the filled patent application: WO2014144076

The filed application relates to hair care compositions, and, more particularly, to hair care compositions containing polyelectrolyte complexes for wash-durable or wash-resistant benefits.

1.    Compositions: polyelectrolyte complex (PEC) contains anionic polymers and cationic polymers specified in the above referred patent.  The polymers forming PEC also include cationic Guar with a trade name of N-hanceTM  , Amphomors, including the polymer with a trade name of AdvantageTM 4910 ; and AqualonTM sodium carboxymethylcellulose and their derivatives.  

The said polyelectrolyte complex (PEC) is in the form of gel matrix complex morphology or the mixtures of gel matrix and microgel structures as shown in the microscope images attached below.

Gel matrix and microgel have different average particle sizes. Gel matrix has an average particle size of more than about 0.1 micron as measured by a particle size analyzer for a diluted liquid dispersion of PEC, while microgel has an average particle size between 0.5 to 7 microns

2.    Methods of use:

1)    Apply PEC formulation to wet hair from root to tip to approximately 1/2” depth x 2” width sections until uniformly distributed.  Dosage is 2 to 3 tsp per head. Wet hair will be easy to comb and will have a smooth and clean feel.

2)    Blow dry approximately 1” sections of hair medium to high heat with a round brush.

3)    Separate sections approximately ¼” depth x 2” width and apply flat iron at 200-2300C from root to tip; first pass 1.4 in/s, second pass 1.75 in/s, and additional  three pass at 2.25 in/s.

3.    Benefits: Application of such complexes in the form of hair care compositions to the hair fibers and the method of use is capable of providing durable hair styling and other hair care benefits, including frizz-control, smoothing, improved hair manageability, fiber alignment, shine benefit, color enhancement andcolor protectionfor dyed or highlighted hair, volume boosting, split end mending, ease of combing/detangling for both wet and dried hair, curl definition or curl retention and thermal protection. Additionally, these durable hair care benefit can last for at least about 2 shampoo wash cycles and/or conditioner rinse cycles, for up to 5 wash cycles or more without further treating the hair fibers with hair care composition or until new application of the composition is needed.

Smooth this PEC formulation onto your wet hair and notice the ease in both wet and dry combing.  While blow drying you will see less fly always, less frizz and the shine will dazzle you! Your flat iron will become a magic wand and the heat activation will lock in the extended conditioning, improved manageability and anti-frizz for multiple washes and your highlighted colors will POP!  Your friends will be begging for the secret of your healthy and so touchable hair!  And, you will love the dramatic reduction in split ends thanks to pa...