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Passenger Air Bag Fragment Catch Box Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245797D
Publication Date: 2016-Apr-08
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Passenger Air Bag Fragment Catch Box

When passenger air bags are deployed in an instrument panel, there are sometimes fragments that can be ejected that can harm passengers in the vehicle. It is important to have a system in place that allows for the collection of fragments that may be harmful to the vehicles occupants. This system will have to allow video coverage of the deployment event from multiple camera angles. The system will also have to be adjustable based on the vehicle program. Finally, the test set up of the system will have to be repeatable for future testing on the same vehicle program. A passenger air bag catch box fixture is proposed capture fragments from passenger air bag deployments in a repeatable manner.

The adjustable passenger air bag deployment catch box fixture allows for an instrument panel to be bolted down and the passenger air bag deployed in a repeatable manner. An interchangeable instrument panel fixture is bolted to the deployment fixture (5). The catch box is adjustable in three dimensions (4). The catch box is set relative to the instrument panel (replicative of the critical zone in the vehicle's passenger compartment) through the use of a three-dimensional positioning software (3). Program specific catch box "faces" are removable and coded for use with the three-dimensional positioning software (2,3). Durable, high temperature black mesh netting is used on the side and rear panels of the catch box to allow for high speed video...