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System and method to calculate overall in-app purchase cost of mobile applications

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245811D
Publication Date: 2016-Apr-12
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This invention consists of following ideas to avoid wasting time and money on mobile apps.It will support crowd-sourcing ways of encouranging pilots users of specific app to upload their time and money spent to achive certain milestone in mobile apps.

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System and method to calculate overall in

System and method to calculate overall in-

Currently many games and applications on mobile phones are free to download but needs to purchase additional features or in-game items from time to time, and this may result in wasting a lot of money and precious time, Our idea allows mobile system to estimate the overall cost of any mobile applications with in-app purchases based on personal characters.

Our idea has the following advantages:

a. Helps mobile app users to understand the risks of being addicted to any application or games with in-app based on purchase.

b. Allows different mobile app user to correctly estimate the total cost of in-app purchase based on his capabilities.

c. Encourage mobile app users to quit using some apps or games if the total cost exceeds his/her budget or expectation.

In our idea, we have to treat in-app purchase with several types as below:

a. If the app or game only requires one time purchase to have access to all features or items.

b. If the app or game have a certain list of items with fixed price requires in-app purchase.

c. If the app or game have a life-time in-app purchase system, especially for those simulation games or MOBA (Multilayers online battle arena) games.

In our method, we have a way to automatically determine total cost of money or equivalent time spent.

For Type a and b, items can only be purchased by money, so that the total cost is always the money for one time purchase.

--app purchase cost of mobile applications

app purchase cost of mobile applications

Many children even adults were found attractive to applications on mobile phone, specially mobile games. This is very time consuming as well as cash consuming. Our idea aims on predicting the total cost of money or equivalent time spent on any mobile app with in-app purch...