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Using the Mobile terminal to manage Server Box with Dynamic QR code with dynamic token Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245825D
Publication Date: 2016-Apr-13
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Using the Mobile terminal to manage Server Box with Dynamic QR code with dynamic token

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Using the Mobile terminal to manage Server Box with Dynamic QR code with dynamic token

Summary of Invention:


   In this invention, we invent a system and method to access the management interfaces of servers from our laptops, mobile phones and Pads by Wi-Fi connection in a more secure way and without setting the IP addresses in advance manually.

The key points in this invention:

a) A newly shipped server will have an embedded module with a LCD panel. This module can generate a time-limited (could be 15 minutes) QR code periodically based on some parameters like its current management IP address, the serial number of the server box and a pseudo random number. The QR code can be shown on the LCD panel. And the administrator can also generate the QR code manually by using the button on the control panel of the server.

b) Central Control Portal (CCP) integrated with the DHCP service will act as a control plane and bridge between the server boxes and terminal devices like laptops or mobile phones.

c) Newly connected servers will get dynamic IP addresses from the CCP. If the server reboots, its IP address will change accordingly. And the server box will update its QR code to the CCP also when it is changed. The administrators don't have to use the IP addresses to access the server boxes anymore.

d) The administrator or the vendor's engineers will use this temporary QR code to access the server boxes through the CCP only in a certain time range (like 15 minutes). Otherwise, if the QR code is expired, the user can't establish a new connection to the server box anymore.

e) Each server will provide a wireless hotspot also (could be named with its serial number). So if the server box is not connected to the Ethernet switch, the administrator or the vendor's engineers can connect to the server box directly in server room using the QR code on the LCD panel with a wireless device.

f) A specific app will be needed on the terminal devices like laptops and mobile phones to access the CCP or the server box by using the QR codes.


a) Providing more convenient and secure way to connect to the management interfaces of the servers without network cable connecting .
b) No need to set the IP addresses of the management interfaces manually.

c) Enhanced security with time-limited QR code authentication.

d) Central management greatly reduces the operation cost.




   Here's the overall system architecture. From right side to left side, there are terminal devices (laptop, mobile phone and Pad), Central Control Portal with DHCP service integrated, Ethernet switch and Servers.

Summary of Invention Summary o...