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Method and System to send dynamic content to different mail groups Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245826D
Publication Date: 2016-Apr-13
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In this solution, we can just send one email to different people with different content. In other words, for correct people receive correct email, this email will be spited several parts of sections as sender expected and specific email content will be only sent to specific recovers. For this solution, we just install a plug-in on client side, do not need to change or modify email server side setting. This solution is very benefit user to prevent the private or confidential information and simplify daily email works; you do not need sent lots of emails which are very similar just to different people.

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Method and System to send dynamic content to different mail groups

When sending an email, information may consider as public or private. Private information may be treat as confidential and should just be known by specific person. So it's important to send right content to right person. Nowadays, we can solve this problem by create different group to send different mail with related information. However, maybe one or two line of content in a mail is confidential and mail may be forward many times. It's possible that those confidential information be exposed after forwarded . It's better if we can find a way to control the private information to make sure it just go to right people .

In this solution, we planed to make the sender only write one email to get several of versions copy for different receiver . The sender could definite different receiver groups just by simple tags in the mail . The public message without tag will be sent to everyone in the list . Meanwhile the message with the tag marked will be sent to specific person or mail group . To implement it, add a new function to the client side.

We can analyze the original mail and divide it into multiple distribute mails according to receiver groups tag defined. Then send the different version of mails to the email server.By this way, it's much easier and clear to manage a project with correct information. You could just control your team with the persons include in a project, the work assignment, the information he/she needs to know and should not know.

When sending an email to a number of people, the sender may want to share the general information to the public . But the confidential information should only be sent to the people who have business need or on high enough positions . Besides, there may be something that you want the public to know while keep it from some people. For example, you may not want the contractors to know the policy of the company, but you want to let them know where the fire alarm is and where the escape route is . To accomplish this, what we do now is sending the right content to the right person. In this case, you will have to send the normal content to the public (once), send the normal content a...