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Medical Search query formulation and based on physiological parameters from sensors

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245831D
Publication Date: 2016-Apr-13
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Patent Proposal

Title:- Medical Search query formulation and  based on physiological parameters from sensors

Invented by:






Anurag Rathi





Shivani Verma





Mustafa Bandukwala





Prachi Maheshwari





Date of conception: 16/09/2014

1.  Overview

1.1          Motivation:-

For common people, currently there are a number of clinical instruments available over the globe from which we can get raw physiological parameter data, none of them currently process that data in order to form a valid prediction set. Our solution includes an algorithm for deducting a problem set (possible diseases) from physiological parameters, validate the probability of those sets and finally form a search query to find a medical practitioner. The invention will enable users to not only compile the physiological observations received from IOT enabled clinical devices but will also determine any probability of rare and deadly disease during initial phase. Generally such scenarios are ignored by patients which later results in consequences. This will be a two way approach i.e. same set of steps will be executed over the medical practitioner as well in order to determine the best possible match after considering miscellaneous parameters like availability, location, time etc.

2.  Detailed Description

The proposed system is to collect the diagnoses information from patient and create a natural search query out of that information.

The natural search query is a formalization of induced resultant from below prospective:-

Approximations of resultants from the recorded symptoms. (eg high chance of typhoid and rare chances of early stomach cancer)

Location, time and schedule parameters of patient.

History (eg last medical records diagnosis reports etc).

Approximation formulation

The raw data may consists of human body temperature, blood pressure, symptoms of pain in any part of body, blood sugar tests x ray and many more.

The system once receive all the characteristics will start the evolution process in order to get prepared a natural search query for searching a doctor.

The steps for searching are as:-

Formation dissolution and reformation into structures

Search query formation by getting the fittest from first step.

Searching the medical practitioner.

1.      Formation dissolution and re-formation into structures.

Symptoms will start joining the structural blocks which are having certain properties.

Each block may have

·      One or more than one symptoms.

·      Input rules to provide a match condition for connecting logic.

·      A connecting logic in order to find more available symptoms.

·      Evaluation function and approximation.

·      Finalization logic.

Evaluation function will evaluate the accuracy of symptoms in that structure to form a disease.

If evaluation fails, then structure will be dissolved and process will start again (keeping the fitness value of the structure in order to match evaluate optimum match against other structure formati...