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Smarter Caretaker’s monitoring system for the patient’s medication Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245833D
Publication Date: 2016-Apr-13
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Smarter Caretaker’s monitoring system- This app helps to alert the patient to take the medicine on time and once the alerted time is completed at a particular point it sends the completed information to the patient’s caretaker’s mobile

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Smarter Caretaker's monitoring system for the patient's medication

Several patients face a difficulty to take medicines on time as per their doctor's prescription. Sometimes they may forget to take medicines altogether due to their daily work or illness. Some people may forget how much dose they need to take or sometimes they may take extra dosage by taking the same medicine multiple times. This is happening to most patients. The patient's family members worry constantly about these factors.

The "Caretaker's monitoring system for the patient's medication" is a mobile app which serves as the best solution for the above addressed problems. This app is installed in patient's mobile and as well as patient's caretaker's mobile and the information is fed. The app will alert the patient to take the medicine and once the alerted time is completed at a particular point it sends the completed information to the patient's caretaker's mobile. So that the caretaker knows how the patient is taking the medicine.

Main features:

1. The Medication reminder app is installed in 2 to 3 caretakers' mobile 2. Medicines' photos displayed when the alert appears.

3. The Reminder status is carried forward to the caretaker monitoring system once the reminder's time lapses.

4. The caretaker can follow up with the patient for the medication if the patient fails to take the medicine

5. A reminder for the medicine stock also appears when they are on the verge of depleting.

6. Raise purchase order while reaching zero stock of medicines.

7. Handling emergency situations by the caretaker when the patient sends the notification through the app 8. Diagnostic tests reminder for ex: Diabetic test, BP and etc…

9. Doctor follow up reminder 10. Can display the entire prescription in the app, so that it gives the capability to track when the patient misses a dose.

11. Caretaker can activate the reminder buzz to display again in the patient's mobile, when


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