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A sonar device to detect quality of building construction Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245834D
Publication Date: 2016-Apr-13
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A sonar device to detect quality of building construction to improve quality of construction

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A sonar device to detect quality of building construction

It has been seen that whenever a person goes to buy a flat or a house, there is no way for this person to

judge quality of construction without consulting experts. Apart from leakage of water, there is no easy way to determine if there is any corrosion of material used or material like cement used is of poor quality or less quantity than what is needed during construction, since it is not visible from outside. This leaves this home buyer with a problem of judging quality of construction without necessarily having a firm scientific solution. The sonar based device that is being proposed will solve this problem. This device will provide details of corrosion, moisture, poor quality of cement etc. by comparing the readings done on the building with a baseline reading using internet connectivity. Baseline for each quality parameter like corrosion, moisture etc., will be stored in a database that this device will access using public network and proper authentication, to compare its data reading with baseline, to come to a conclusion.

This article describes a device that sends and receives sonar waves to measure different quality parameters like corrosion, moisture, quality of cement etc. A baseline is to be established based on construction guidelines as to what should be the correct level of reading for each of the parameters for a building that is well constructed and maintained. Comparing reading to this bas...