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Method and system for drone based delivery in smart building. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245835D
Publication Date: 2016-Apr-13
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A program is disclosed by which drone will land in smart window of any smart house. The proposed smart window will have collapsible/foldable and transparent drone landing zone, Delivery drone will communicate with smart window and deliver the products in the window landing zone.

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Method and system for drone based delivery in smart building .

Drone based delivery system is getting popular, in future many people will order and receive product with drone. Drone can deliver product at a predefined delivery point and customer has to collect the same from the predefined delivery point. In any multi storied building drone can land at the roof or at the ground, so the customer has to reach to the delivery point to collect the delivered product. Many time it is a frustration to the customer to collect the product. Following diagram (Figure 1) talks about where the product will be received

Figure 1

Proposed is a method and system by which

1. Every window of any smart house will be identified uniquely, each window will have collapsible/foldable and transparent drone landing zone.

2. While purchasing any product online, customer can provide unique window number of the house where the customer would like to receive the delivered product from drone.

3. Once drone brings the product near to the identified window, then software will validate each other, and once authentication will be done,

4. Once the authentication is successful, the window will create drone landing zone by un-collapsing or unfolding the window portion.

5. Drone will have card swiping module, once any product is delivered, customer can pay the price of the product by swiping card in drone. User can also directly deposit cash on drone to receive the product.

6. The produce will be locked in the drone, once the payment is successful, the product will be unlocked from the drone and user can collect the product delivered by drone.

7. If payment is not successful, or product is not collected for more than a predefined time, then the product will remain be locked in the drone, and then the drone will fly back to the warehouse.

Following diagram (Figure 2) talks about drone with product has arrived near to the window defined by the customer. Now the window and drone will validate with each other. The scope of validation is, if customer is requested any product, if the drone is from the said warehouse, if same product is arrived, if it is same customer location as it is defined while ordering the product etc.


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Figure 1

Following diagram (Figure 3) talks about how the smart window of any house will create a drone landin...