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System to limit number of passengers on two-wheelers Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245842D
Publication Date: 2016-Apr-13
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System to limit number of passengers on two-wheelers for safety of passengers and other people on the road

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System to limit number of passengers on two -wheelers

Today, traffic police have to manual detection violation of the rule that only 2 passengers are allowed on a two wheeler. This solution will ensure that manual monitoring of two wheelers is not needed in order to identify the culprit by the concerned agency like traffic police, for rule violations. It is common knowledge that the restriction of maximum of two passengers on a two wheeler has been put into place with a view towards ensuring safety of driver and passenger on the two wheeler as well as other commuters on the road. Violation of this rule frequently leads to serious injuries as well as deaths. There is no known drawback of this solution or in its implementation.

Catching violators is a reactive method. This solution prevents more than 2 persons from traveling on a two wheeler. The vehicle will not start if more than 2 people are sitting on it. If the engine has been started and more than 2 people, it will turn off.

Main Features: Every two wheeler seat will have sensors along its length which will detect legs that are hanging from seat using laser sensors. This is the method used to detect number of passengers on the seat. If a passenger is carrying a baby who is not sitting on the seat, the sensor may not detect but it will detect all other passengers. Further, this seat sensor will send out a signal to the engine if the seat has too many passengers. As the driver tries to start a two wheeler with...