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During Cloud virtual system deployment assign IP based on defined criteria. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245846D
Publication Date: 2016-Apr-13
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During Cloud virtual system deployment using any cloud technology we deal with different types of IP (e.g public, private , isolated etc) to be assigned to the deployed node .We assign those IP's to the virtual node based on mapping of static network pool to it.This white paper suggests a method to intelligently identify which type of IP will be required for the node and dynamically find the IP from the common pool . This white paper also suggests a method to how to use this learning for future use.

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During Cloud virtual system deployment assign IP based on defined criteria .

Security is key concern while working on the cloud environment .Organizations practice various security mechanism and implementing security layer around IP is one of them .

Implementing security layer around IP we can control what kind of data specific server can access , what kind of access it provides to the users accessing the servers and who can access the servers.

Taking example of en enterprise organization security layer around IP is as following

Compliant IP -Open access to internet and machine using this type of IP will have to take more security measures.

Non Complaint IP - Limited access or no access to internet and moderate layer of security measures on the machines.

Isolated Network - No access to outer world and can access only limited machines.

Point to point connectivity - Very specific access to other servers only.

Cloud environment virtual system deployment is often cluster of virtual machines which is defined in the deployment topology. When we configure cloud environment we create an IP pool and IP is dynamically allocated to the virtual system during cloud from there. Every virtual machines will have specific need of IP .

Few servers need access to just specific servers and db servers .IP assigned to this server will have point to point connectivity.

One way connectivity or two way connectivity.

Single source multiple destination connectivity.

Few server need public IP which users can access it.

Few performance servers need to be deployed in isolated network
IPV4 or IPV6

Above requirement are carefully matched to the organization IP security policy and respective IP is assigned to the server.

Currently we allocate common class of IP to IP pool and make some classifications to separate the IP pool indirectly and use it during the cloud deployment. For every organization classification will be different and managing large number of permutation and combination will be tough task. This white paper suggests a mechanism to intelligently identify what kind of IP needs to be assigned to the virtual server and remember this IP assignment for the future deployment of that specific cloud deployment. While designing cloud deployment topology we know the nature of communication specific server will require and correspondingly what kind of IP will be required for deployment . This specific IP will have specific characteristics, like will it be able to communicate point to point access to DB server or build server or will be publicly accessible. This specific IP characteristics can be tested beforehand IP is assigned to the virtual server .This white paper suggests a mechanism where IP characteristic is defined in the virtual system node during topo...