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Automatic Secured Bridge Conferencing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245850D
Publication Date: 2016-Apr-13
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Solution for easing out the complexities of Audio conferencing by automating and embedding a robust, secure authentication mechanism

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Automatic Secured Bridge Conferencing

This solution will enhance the security of Audio Conference Calls as well as it will reduce the time for all participants to join in. Additionally, it will increase the convenience for participants (as they no longer need to dial-in to conference bridge, no pass code needed).

This will be a secure/confidential Audio Conference. Participant of meeting(Audio Conference Bridge) do not need to dial into the meeting/conference bridge. Instead, he/she will get a call once host starts the meeting. Once the participant accepts the call, he/she will hear the meeting description and will join the conference bridge.

1- Sharing the dial-in details is optional. Host decides whether to share the dial-in details or not. This enhances the security/confidentiality by making sure that only required person joins the meeting and nobody else intentionally/un-intentionally joins the meeting. For high security, meetings will be conducted without sharing the dial-in details.
2- Participants from different geographies do not need to search for toll free numbers. If participants are from 10 different geographies, host no longer needs to share toll free number for each geography.
3- It saves time, as joining a conference bridge is as easy as picking up a call (instead
of dialing the dial-in number and then pass code).
4- Participant no longer needs to announce his/her name after joining, conference system can fetch the identification details once participant picks up the call.


1- This prototype needs Name, Contact number and Email id information for each participant. If all participants are from same organization, these details can be easily fetched from internal database. If some of the participants are from other organizations, then their Names and Email ids would be made available to host prior to accepting the meeting invite. In such case, a participant will be prompted to provide his/her contact detail b...