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Method to enable user and mobile application to be network - motion vector aware Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245851D
Publication Date: 2016-Apr-13
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Abstract : Network strength across all areas are not uniform and certain GPS coordinates or path we see patches of strong ,weak or no network. The devices we carry show the amount of network strength they are receiving. When user needs to do any network based activity which is based on the signal strength users would need to plan accordingly. If user is engaged in any session based activity and user is in motion and enters a weak or no signal area, his activity does not get completed or session terminates and he as to initiate a fresh session again. e.g While in moving vehicle user initiates a mobile based financial transaction , and during that motion user enters a network zone which is patch of network area which is weak or no signal .His financial transaction can be broken depending on the how long the weak or no signal patch is and also time out period defined by the application. Applications are now a days enabled to handle session in low network latency but drawback with current approach is it is not intelligent enough to analyze the impact of motion along with network strength . This disclosure suggest a mechanism where mobile application are network motion vector aware and analyzes the situation and acts accordingly.

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Method to enable user and mobile application to be network - motion vector aware

Brief Background : 

The submission is to make mobile application aware of network-motion vector and based on predictive analytics, notify user about the upcoming problematic network area and its impact on the user mobile activity .Also this suggests mechanism to notify the application backend about the network-motion analytics so that they can make application intelligent to handle that scenario.

The advantages of this approach are :

Mobile application become intelligent to handle the impact of motion and network strength.

User becomes aware in prior that there is upcoming impact on the mobile activity due to motion and network strength.

Details : 

Mobile device movement is always captured with gps data along with the user motion path.

Mobile devices can also capture the network strength they are getting at that moment of time. Mobile devices can learn in due course about network strength across the trajectory path .

Based on the above both available method network strength can be captured across the trajectory path and this data point can be used for predictive analytics.

Now when user is in motion along the same trajectory path and engaged in mobile activity which is session dependent like e.g financial transaction etc , previous mobile network captured data along the trajectory path can be used to analyze along with motion that if user will be hitting the bad network area du...