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Centralized system to associate business applications to user devices and create an ecosystem to exploit mobile apps Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245853D
Publication Date: 2016-Apr-13
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Today we have mobile devices with a flexible app store model. The apps are most of the times self contained for a specific provider of service. We also have companies which have enterprise applications where the business model is employee only access and data entry for the applications. This article discusses mechanism by means of which a device based app could work with a broker that could in turn work with any business application to make the data entry step as a option for an end user and improve productivity

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Centralized system to associate business applications to user devices and create an ecosystem to exploit mobile apps

The explosive growth in mobile computing is on enterprise radars everywhere. Enterprises only make limited use of applications via mobile device however, the increased focus on digitization is now driving application development for mobile platforms. Currently, more than 3 billion

people worldwide use mobile phones and 60% of them are smart phone users or people who use internet on the move with a portable computer or a handheld device. In particular, accessing the internet via mobile phone or smart phone has seen a substantial increase in popularity. A number of applications serving mobile devices are rapidly being adopted.

For example: Google Drive Service which provides a cloud storage and cloud computing service which allows users to store data such as music and applications on remote computer servers for download to multiple devices. The health services providers are building special applications for serving the mobile community.

So in a sense, lots device types; lots of location services; lot of applications;, lots of cloud based services; lot of independent applications , but many of these services may not be exploited because there is no "consumer business" relationship to know about what is the maximum

potential. For this reason, it would be important to identify the devices and detect the applications on these devices and provide service to the users depending on the services opted, build a pattern for the user service and provide a appropriate service.

Significant amount of information comes from the Cloud and application providers. It is important for the cloud mobile "service providers" to provide information based on the "mobile devices" used by the users. And there is no single application which is portable for all the devices. There are multiple service provides that provide range of services to the individual users. Every time the user subscribes to a new service, the user needs to manually enter some or all of this data .The proposed solution is a centralized services registration system with a broker service that allows seamless transfer of data from user's mobile device/cloud to service provider.

A centralized services registration system with a broker service which can perform the following ;

(i) device discovery with intelligence and registering device to a centralized service

to identify the Popular Devices, OS (iOS, Android and Windows) and Wearables.

to identify the authenticate and validate the services used by the users based on the application levels.

ability for device to receive services associated with the centralized system

(ii) the central service to activate the service based on the device capabilities, applications and locations.


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(iii) the central services to register business services catering to mobile devices

(iii) Create and build patterns for service catalog fo...