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A security remote physical isolated method to monitor key IT data center server Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245864D
Publication Date: 2016-Apr-14
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This introduces a new method to send system log information from the most security data center which is physical isolated to outside of the data center but keep the same data center security level

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A security remote physical isolated method to monitor key IT data center server

Information System Security is vital to modern society as most key information of each of us are stored in Information System . For example our money is just a number in Bank IT database system. If hacker break bank's IT system, they can modify our money number easily. To avoid such situation, the world wide key IT systems are separated from outside of the data center in each company. This has successfully prevented the key IT system from hacker. But it also block normal operations from the company's IT experts. For example, the IT operators cannot monitor the system running status from outside of the data center, they can only monitor the IT system in the data center. Sometimes this brings new issues, for example, if one component such as database hit exception, but the database expert is at home, he can not see the console message so can not give advice to help fix the exception. He has to take a taxi to go to the data center and then start to debug. It usually takes about one hour or more in some cities like Beijing and Shanghai. One hour system outage is big cost to some companies like banks.

There is no known good solution to let IT experts to monitor IT systems from outside the data center. The current solution has some risks, for example remote desktop, or other remote control products. Though those methods can be set to "display only" mode, but they keep those machines physical connected to outside of the data center, it means, it is possible to give hacker chance to hack that machine and then control the bank IT systems. This is one of the reason why customers like banks don't use this solution.

As we described, we need to provide IT experts(at home) a method to monitor IT system in the data center, to help monitor system running status, to provide advice to field team how to fix exception etc. Of course, to avoid potential risk, the remote system(home) can only view the data center's information, can not modify anything. This is what this solution solved.

We designed a middle tier server between the remote users(the IT experts) and operator machine of data center server . This middle tier server is connected to the operator machine of data center server using VGA port, that means that it can receive the VGA signals output from the operator console but can't send any signals back to the operator machine as VGA signal is single direction. The middle tier server is also connected to the internet and act as a server. The remote users can connect to the middle tier server and receive signals from it and also can send some text information back to it. And then, the operator in the data center can read the text information...