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Publication Date: 2016-Apr-14
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This disclosure relates to fuel tanks and fuel systems installations.

Venturi Nozzle pumps (Jet pumps) are commonly used on aircraft fuel systems.  These pumps use the motive flow from a fuel transfer pumps to create low pressure in a pipe to suck fuel from a specific location.  The efflux from the jet pump nozzle is a narrow jet of high pressure/high velocity fuel which creates an uncontrollable spray when exhausted in air (i.e. when the fuel tank is ‘empty’) thus preventing the fuel to settle into unusable puddle which can be pumped. 

This disclosure uses a ‘low pressure’ high volume nozzle concept to controllably ‘push’ unusable fuel through a dedicated cowl to a collector reservoir in preparation for transfer and use. 

The system of this disclosure allows for maximum extraction of fuel from the fuel tank (and therefore a reduction of unusable fuel volumes) by transferring un-pumpable puddles of fuel to locations where it can be extracted by pumping. 

The system of this disclosure uses a ‘high’ volume/’low’ pressure nozzle in combination with a reducing taper section cowl to transfer fuel from an un-pumpable puddle to a collector reservoir in preparation for transfer and use. 

Motive fuel flow from fuel transfer pumps s delivered to a nozzle, submerged in a fuel puddle and directed at the throat of a reducing taper cowl.  The flow of the nozzle efflux thorough the tapering cowl ‘pushes’ fuel through the cowl an...