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Hybrid group forming Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245870D
Original Publication Date: 2016-Apr-14
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2016-Apr-14
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Console distributes new group information to SUs. SUs communicate with each other to form preliminary group or complete group with their own interests or in short range or in same LAN/VAN. Console makes up complete groups by preliminary groups.

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A method of hybrid forming group

By Zhao Kangkai, Tian Yong, Zhao Dong, Chen Dajun, Fei Xun

Motorola Solutions, Inc.



In public safety use, we always need to form new group cross different function teams to collaborate work on scene.

In this disclosure, console distributes new group information to subscribers. Subscribers communicate with each other to form preliminary group according to their call list or call history, then report it to console. Console makes up complete groups by these preliminary groups.


In current LMR (Land Mobile Radio) system, new groups are created by console. It has below drawbacks:

Lack of accuracy

Dynamic regroup is fully controlled by console, it is impossible for console to put the mostsuitable members in the new group. For example, Tom and Jim are policemen, they are in same vehicle, if console does dynamic regroup, and it may put Tom and Dave in new group.

Low efficiency

Picking up all group members one by one will spend operator a lot of time, if there are hundreds of such group need to create, it may take hours. Even worse if there is not enough resource to form new group, dynamic regroup would do nothing. Actually preliminary groups can be formed at this time, and waiting for more resource come. Dynamic regroup only happen while officers are on scene. Preliminary group can be formed even they are on the way to scene.

In broadband network, there is also no such method to quickly form new groups.


We can utilize both console and subscribers themselves to create new groups. Console initiates the requests to subscribers, subscribers find proper group members and form preliminary groups, console makes up preliminary groups to complete groups.


Console sends new group request to all subscribers no matter on scene or not.

In the request, it includes the information for new group. For example for an earthquake scene, it needs 2 policemen, 2 firemen and 1 paramedic in the group. For fireman and paramedic, it needs professionals, policeman can be replaced by anyone who can help do search work.

SU1 receives new group request and starts to send invitation to other subscribers...