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Method for representation PTT favorite contacts Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245871D
Original Publication Date: 2016-Apr-14
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2016-Apr-14
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Kotlyarov, Yury: INVENTOR [+2]


Favorite contacts list represents as list of face photos. Each face photo is PTT button.

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Method for representation PTT favorite contacts

By Yury Kotlyarov, Stuart Kreitzer

Motorola Solutions



PTT (Push-to-talk) is one of the most common methods for Public Safety communications. Modern smart phones normally have a touch screen (either capacitive or resistive) that is used to work with applications installed on the device. This screen is used to start and stop PTT call with favorite contact.


    Need to improve user experience while using PTT application running on smart phone.



    Favorite contacts list is displayed as a list of photos or icons (Fig 1.) representing available contacts. Each face photo/icon is a PTT button.


    Once a PTT call is started, the display will only show the photo of the contact in the active PTT call (Fig 2). This prevents the user from inadvertently tapping an adjacent photo during the call.

    PTT calls are typically governed by a hang timer that counts down when the PTT button (in this case, a photo or icon representing the called party) is released. An exemplary hang timer value is 4 seconds.

     When the hang-timer expires, the PTT call ends and the screen returns to showing a plurality of contacts.

Fig 1. PTT Contact app

Fig 2. Only active contact displayed during call



     A Contact list wherein each element shows a photo (or iconic representation of the contact) and serves as a dedicated PTT button to contact that user. This simplifies PTT call initiation on de...