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An intelligent system to save investigation data Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245891D
Publication Date: 2016-Apr-18
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This disclosure can help people quickly recall the memory that people has done the investigation. A new monitor module is always running when this disclosure is opened. The monitor module monitors the whole investigation process, it can help the user automatically save the key information that the user cares. The key information is saved with its origin or the logo of the application, which can help the user quickly to recall her/his memory.

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An intelligent system to save investigation data

When people meet a problem, usually they need to do many investigations, such as reading documents, searching information from the internet, or using other applications. If people meet the same problem next time, they hope to recall the memory about what they did last time. This disclosure can help the user quick recall the memory.

1. To monitor the whole investigation process by a new monitor module

2. Automatically saving the important content, screenshot or dynamic recording with origin for the user if the user take actions

3. To help the user to recall the memory about what they have done according to the origin of the information

4. The origin of the information with the logo of the application can help the user quickly start the application which contains the information

Scenario background: Anne don't know what is JAVA, so she needs to do some investigation. She uses this disclosure to remember the key search result. She can recall quickly once she meets the same problem next time.

Step 1: Run the disclosure in the background to keep monitoring the whole investigation process

Step 2: Anne searches JAVA from the internet and she wants to save some content as text. She just needs select the content, the monitor module detects Anne's action, it will remind Anne if she wants to save the content as text or screenshot with different shortcut key.

Step 3: Anne click Ctrl + 1, the content will automatically save as...