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Customer Service Menu Options Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245896D
Original Publication Date: 2016-Apr-18
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Online Banking - Model and California October Release

CS01 - Customer Service Menu Options

June 12, 2003

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CS01 Customer Service Menu Opt1

Screen Name:

Customer Service Menu Options

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Online Banking

Mail | Help | Sign-Off

Customer Service Menu - Option 1


Bill Pay & e-Bills

Transfer Funds

Customer Service

- Added category "Mortgages, Loans, Lines of Credit"
- this category contains payment inquiry links for each account type - also contains links for adding accounts

- Split overall customer service links into "Account Services" and "General" categories
- this included re-categorizing a Checking and Savings section
- also split credit cards into 2 sections: the second being a card payments category

Account Services

Credit Cards

Checking and Savings

> Add checking or savings accounts > Order check copy
> Order statement copy
> Reorder checks
> Stop check payment

Mortgages, Loans, and Lines of Credit

> Add credit card accounts
> Request balance transfer
> Order convenience checks
> Request sales slip copy
> Dispute credit card transaction
> Add a credit card to your ATM or Check Card
> Add Overdraft Protection
> Stop receiving paper statements by mail

> Add mortgage, loan, or line of credit accounts > Mortgage payment inquiry
> Loan payment inquiry
> Line of credit payment inquiry
> Reorder checks for a line of credit account

Credit Card payments

> Pay a credit card
> Pay from another financial institution > Set up automatic payment
> Credit card payment inquiry

Bill Pay

> Bill Pay payment inquiry


Bank contact information

Customer information
> Change address and phone number > Change e-mail address
> Change passcode
> Add/edit account nicknames

> Read mail
> Send a message to customer service
> Ask a technical question
> View customer service phone numbers

> Make comments and suggestions

 Secure Area (with graphic)

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CS01 Customer Service Menu Opt2

Screen Name:

Customer Service Menu Options