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Original Publication Date: 2016-Apr-18
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Online Banking - Model


Concepts 2-4 - 06-02-2003

Authenticated Environment


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Process Flow Diagram: Account Statement


Process Flow Diagram: Customer Service


Account Statement



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Target Environment

The goal of the e-Commerce Product Management team with this initiative is to provide electronic statement delivery for customers
using what the industry terms as the 'Pull' model. In this scenario, the customer is alerted electronically (initially via internet based e-mail, but ultimately through a variety of sources that could include wireless devices, Instant Messaging, voice, etc.) that a new statement has been posted to his / her account and is available for viewing. The electronic message will contain a link to an authentication site, where the customer will enter his / her security credentials and, upon authentication, be immediately connected to a view of the current statement from within the Online Banking environment.

Initially, e.Statements will be presented as an exact replica/image of the paper statement with minimal integration with existing Online Banking features. However, in the target environment (ETA 2004-2005), e.Statements would be fully integrated with other Online Banking features to enable customers to initiate a Bill Payment, transfer funds or view a check image from within the e.Statements area of the site.

Our proposed efforts include a Q1 2003 launch to Associates who own a DDA and actively use Online Banking, and a fast-
follow rollout to external Model Online Banking customers. A similar CA rollout schedule will follow the successful model launch. Continued enhancements and product inclusions (Credit Card, Mortgage, etc.) will be added as they are prioritized by our line of businesspartners and the e- Commerce organization. Ultimately, we look to develop a scaleable and flexible e-statement capability that supports the needs of all lines of business, product types and customer segments across the Enterprise. Efforts will be coordinated with/integrated into the activities of the Enterprise Statements MBF initiative, as well as Know-the-Customer and otherinfrastructure initiatives, as they become defined.

Business Objectives:

- Eliminate paper statement production and postage costs for customers opting into e-statements and out of paper statements.

- Improve customer satisfaction by providing customers with greater convenience and access to their account information.

- Increase check safekeeping and image enclosure statement adoption.

- Create a compelling new Online Banking feature and ultimately increase Web channel activations and usage.

- Create new marketing and cross-sell opportunities through statement billboarding (ads/marketing text embedded in the e-statement "image").

Customer Benefits:

- Give customers i...