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Accounts Overview

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Online Banking - October Release

AC01 - Accounts Overview

August 2003

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Overview and Contents


Table of Contents

Screen Name

Screen No.

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Accounts Overview - Model



This document contains wireframes for the Accounts Overview screen.

Accounts Overview - California





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AC01-M Accounts Overview (1/3)

Screen Name:

Accounts Overview - Model

Screen No.:


Screen Description

Online Banking

Mail | Help | Sign-Off

The Accounts Overview screen allows the user to view all their accounts and respective current balances on one screen; link to the statement screens for each account; provides access to select customer service features, announcements and in some cases the welcome kit,change font size instructions and I want to… modules.




Bill Pay & e-Bills

Transfer Funds

Customer Service

Users generally reach this screen by:
- Signing into online banking
- Selecting continue from any of the various Online Banking splash pages

Accounts Overview

Account Statement

Account Summary


General Controls




Screen must be ADA compliant according to guidelines. Use of HTML Templates will ensure ADA compliance.

Name - Personal Accounts

Friday, October 18, 2002

See the Demo
Frequently Asked Questions



As of

Mary's Money Manager Acct


Advantage- 1234 $10,000.00


Savings -1234


CD - 1234


IRA -1234

$100,000.00 Today


Previous Business Day

Previous Business Day

VISA - 1234


Previous Business Day

Line Of Credit -1234


Previous Business Day

Mortgage - 1234


Previous Business Day

Loan - 1234


Previous Business Day

*The Balance may reflect transactions that have not yet posted to your account.

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I want to ...

View my account details
Set up a bill payment
Pay a bill
Transfer funds between accounts View the Online Banking Demo


Access your account information on ONE screen. Now you can view your current account details including available credit, last transaction, balances and payments. ...

Bookmarking Tip:For easy access to your credit card account, we recommend that you bookmark your Sign in Page. ... https://onlineid.com/
cgi-bin/ sso.login.controller?reason=comcar d

Navigation Tip: Using the browser's Back and Forward buttons to navigate through your online session may cause problems. ...


Credit Card

Request a balance transfer Order convenience checks Request a sales slip copy Dispute a credit card transaction
Add/edit account nicknames

Checking / Savings

Stop check payment Reorder checks Order check copy Order statement copy Add/edit account nicknames

More Information

Bill Pay & e-Bills
Bill Pay Users Guide Online Banking Users Guide Online Bank...