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Move Money Engine Customer Service Functions Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245923D
Original Publication Date: 2016-Apr-18
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Online Banking -October Release

CA MME Customer Service Functions CS01 CS91 CS92 CS93

October 27, 2003

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    CS01 Customer Service Menu

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Add mortgage, loan, or line of credit accounts

Are there available accounts to add to profile?

  CS91.1 Add Accounts: Pos Ack

  CS91.2 Add Accounts: Neg Ack

Mortgage payment inquiry

   CS92.1 Payment Inquiry: Mortgage

Loan payment inquiry

   CS92.2 Payment Inquiry: Loan

Line of credit payment inquiry

   CS92.3 Payment Inquiry: Line of Credit

Reorder checks for a line of credit account

   CS93.1 Reorder Checks: Line of Credit

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CS01 Customer Service Menu 1/2

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Customer Service Menu

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Screen Description

Online Banking

Mail | Help | Sign-Off

The Customer Service Menu screen presents the customer with access to all of the customer service functions offered. This screen is personalized for each customer in that only the applicable customer service options will be displayed. For example, if the customer doesn't have a credit card linked to their Access ID, then the credit card section of customer service will not be displayed.

Users generally reach this screen by:



- clicking on the customer service tab in the header navigation
- clicking on the "Return to Customer Service" links from various locations within OLB
- click on the "Other Services" links in Customer Service modules from various locations


Bill Pay & e-Bills

Transfer Funds

Customer Service

Account Services

General Controls


Checking and Savings

• Add checking or savings accounts

Credit Cards

• Add credit card accounts

• Request balance transfer
• Order convenience checks
• Request sales slip copy
• Dispute credit card transaction
• Add a credit card to your ATM or Check Card
• Add Overdraft Protection
• Stop receiving paper statements by mail

Display if user has credit card

• Order statement copy
• Order check copy
• Reorder checks
• Stop check payment

                 Display if user has checking acct (Order statement copy if user has savings or checking acct)

Mortgages, Loans, and Lines of Credit

• Add mortgage, loan, or line of credit accounts

• Mortgage payment inquiry
• Loan payment inquiry
• Line of credit payment inquiry
• Reorder checks for a line of credit account

Display if userhas mortgage/loan/LOC

Credit Card payments

• Pay a credit card
• Pay from another financial institution
• Set up automatic payment
• Credit card payment inquiry

Display if user has credit card

Bill Pay

• Add Bill Pay

Display if user does not have Bill...