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Web Pay - Payee Flowcharts and Wireframes Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245930D
Original Publication Date: 2016-Apr-18
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Online Banking - CheckFree Bill Pay

Web Pay 4.0

Payees Flowcharts & Wireframes - 3 June 2003

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Authenticated Environment


12/28/15 03:34 PM

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BP_PE 1.0 Payees - Overview

Global Header Navigation

EAS Primary Navigation

CheckFree Primary Nav.

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System Function




Object Relationship

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Item A ...

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Payees - Overview

BP_PE 1.0

User previously created Payee?

Yes No

Payees - Overview

BP_PE 1.0

Add New Payee Form





Search or Browse our List

Payee - Add Payee - Enter Info #1

BP_PE 2.0.1

Add New Payee

Expand Add

New Payee Form

Payee - Add Payee - Enter Info #2

BP_PE 2.0.2

Payee - Add Payee - Search/Browse - Name

BP_PE 2.0.3

Table Sorts:

Payee/Nickname, ascending/descending

Payees - Overview

BP_PE 1.0

[Payee Name]

Payee - Detail

BP_PE 3.0


Payee - Detail

BP_PE 3.0

Navigation displayed per Payee listed

Payee - Delete Confirm


Navigation displayed as appropriate in relation to each Payee shown.

BP_PE 3.2

e-Bill - Sign-up Form

[Page ID No.]

E-Bill icon


Get e-Bills from this Payee

Authenticated Environment


12/28/15 03:34 PM

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Payees - Overview (1/2)

Screen Name:

Payees - Overview

Screen No.:

BP_PE 1.0

Screen Description


The Payees Overview is designed to be the main overview screen for all Payees functionality, providingan avenue for setting up new payees as well as a presenting a summary of relevant information for all existing payees.

Users reach this screen by:
Clicking the "Payees" button in the second level navigation, or any button or link to this screen.

Completing operations for which Payees - Overview isthe "origin" point, including any delete payee operation.


General Controls




"Payees Button" - in selected state.

Payees Overview

On this page, you can create your own list of payees-any companies and people-that you want to make payments to. You can also add payees, change payee information for payees you've already added, and delete payees that you no longer need. Tell me more...

Add a Payee

Add a New Payee To get started paying your bills online, tell us the name of the company you want to pay, or if you want to pay an individual, tell us their name.

Pay a Company

Company Name:


Search or Browse Our List

Pay an Individual

First Name: Last Name:



Display area for any positive acknowledgment.

Error1 - Form error message

Add a Payee

Add a New Payee To make a paym...