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Reel Spacers

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245938D
Publication Date: 2016-Apr-18
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This publication pertains to reel spacers for embossed component transport carrier tape. To prevent rubbing of the carrier tape against the inner walls of the reel, a small gap is introduced on both sides of the reel during winding of the carrier tape onto the reel. However, after shipment of the filled reel by truck transport and/or hand carrier, the carrier tape on the reel may have shifted to one side of the reel as a result of the small gaps, creating a larger gap. Carrier tape may then fall into this larger gap and get stuck, which may lead to damage of the carrier tape. Reel spacers may be introduced to help prevent this from happening.

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Reel Spacers 


This publication pertains to reel spacers for embossed component transport carrier tape. To prevent  rubbing of the carrier tape against the inner walls of the reel, a small gap is introduced on both sides of  the reel during winding of the carrier tape onto the reel. However, after shipment of the filled reel by  truck transport and/or hand carrier, the carrier tape on the reel may have shifted to one side of the reel  as a result of the small gaps, creating a larger gap. Carrier tape may then fall into this larger gap and get  stuck, which may lead to damage of the carrier tape. See Fig. 1. Reel spacers may be introduced to help  prevent this from happening. 


As illustrated in Figs. 2 and 3, the reel spacers are semi‐circular in shape to allow easy insertion in the  small gaps between the inner walls of the reel and the carrier tape from opposite sides of the reel. The  reel spacers can be manufactured from a foam, a soft thermoplastic material, a laminated cardboard  material, or any other suitable material that prevents damage to the carrier tape. 

Fig. 1 - Carrier tape falling into larger gap 

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Fig. 2 - Reel for embossed carrier tape (1) and reel spacers (2) 



Fig. 3 - Reel spacers