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A method and system for sharing files between apps Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245965D
Publication Date: 2016-Apr-21
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In modern mobile devices, for example, smart phones and tablet one user could have lots of apps. But the data of these apps are indeed isolated mutually. An mobile app can't access the data of other app. This patent presents an idea called 'friend application'. Through configuration an mobile application can specify some application as his 'friend application'. The friend application can then have certain access rights such read on the shared files.

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A method and system for sharing files between apps

Mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets, may include multiple applications from a variety of sources including a trusted app store, a third-party app store etc. And, each application may have a unique approach to managing its configuration, policies, data, and/or other attributes. This pattern results in each application is stand-alone, lack of collaboration between apps. This invention provide a humanized way to link apps and make one app has its own friend cycle.

This invention is around how to link apps to make them become 'friend application'. Friend application means not only sharing some files between them, but also adjusting configurations for other apps.

Following steps demonstrate how to link one application to another.

1) Setting up App sharing. App sharing means file sharing based on configuration changes. When an application is in 'App sharing' state, the configuration files for example manifest file will be in editable state. Then you can add new items to these file. Each friend app has its own FileProvider.

2) Request of linking to an application. When an app want to link to an app which is in sharing state, the requesting app usually sends a request to the app. The request starts an activity in the sharing-ready app.

3) Define separate sharable directory for each friend app. Once you have got your app ready for app sharing, you can respond to a request from the other app. One way to respo...