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SmartSave for Attachments in Social Media Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245986D
Publication Date: 2016-Apr-22
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This disclosure invented a method for smartly saving attchments in social media into the right save path which greatly saves users' time and also arranges the attachments much better than before for later use.

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SmartSave for Attachments in Social Media

The problem solved by our invention:

In the data volume exploding era, when we use Social Media tools like mail system, Instant Messaging, Community and etc., we always need to send and receive many attachments during communication using these Social Media tools. However, when saving these attachments, save path is usually static and not smart.

For example, in a mail system, when a group of users communicate a specific topic using mails backwards and forwards, according to user behavior and habits, the users usually always want to save attachments belonging to this mail communication thread into the same directory. Or sometimes users may want to save attachments of a specific type or sent by a specific person to the same directory . But the problem is that default save path provided by the mail system is not the path user wanted, so the user always need to adjust the file path to save the attachment.

The core idea of our invention:

In these Social Medial tools, we always have some kind of property which we can use to identify a communication thread communicating a specific topic.

For example, for mail system, we have "mail thread" which identifies a group of mails sent by a group of people communicating the same topic;

and for Instant Messaging tools, we have short-time or long-time "chat group" which usually includes a group of people communicating one or more topics.

And also, we can always identify the sender, type, date and etc. of a specific attachment. So based on this, we invented a method to smartly provide users with a dynamic and more precise default save path for them. Users can choose to save an attachment to a better location provided by our invention based on the communication thread this attachment belongs to, sender, type or date etc. of this attachment. This will save users' time greatly and makes the social media tools much more user friendly.

In our method, we record and maintain attachment save path for different dimensions like communication thread, sender, type, date and so. And when users save an attachment, with our invention, they can dynamically choose which dimension they want this attachment saved to. One possible implementation of this is to add a new menu item in the right button menu list of an attachment like the "Smart Save" in the following diagram. So when a user wants to save an attachment, he can right click on the attachment. We will prompt the user with the "Smart Save" option on the right button menu. And the user can choose to save the attachment to the same location of other attachments which are within the same the Communication Thread or have the same Sender, Type, or Date etc.


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And if the user chooses "To Folders..." sub-menu item, we will prompt the user with the following diagram where the user can c...