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Mobile App Icon Smart Move to Finger Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245987D
Publication Date: 2016-Apr-22
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This article describes an idea of making the icon/button touchable which is far from finger. The idea has its advantages comparing to existing solutions. Also we provides the approach and design to realize the idea.

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Mobile App Icon Smart Move to Finger

With the development of science and technology, people's living stand is improving rapidly. Most of people take smart mobile phone as their digital end. In order to improve the customer experience, the touch screen becomes bigger and bigger, and many people used to use the smart phone single-handly.

In this case, the big touch screen results that some application function icons can't be touched because they're too far from thumb.

Regarding this problem, we produce an idea to resolve it. The idea is:

When he/she wants to touch the function icons out of thumb control scope, he/she can trigger a certain event like double click, then the function icons would move to thumb nearly. It's also probable to sort those icons based on pre-defined sorting mechanism and algorithm.

Below we describe the solution of implement the idea.

Solution workflow:

Solution detail steps

1. Add a property to function icon which needs to be moved. This property value indicates whether the icon can be moved or not. e.g.: add a property CanMove=true to add movable capability. This step would be done in development of APP.

2. Define the sorting mechanism and algorithm, e.g.: sort by usage rate 3. Define the event to trigger icon arrange. e.g.: double click event. We the use double clicks the screen, the APP would get all icons with property: CanMove=true, then move them around thumb nearly.

For example: Below figure shows an APP. When we double click positi...