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A smarter virtual keyboard implementation in the handheld mobile device. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246027D
Publication Date: 2016-Apr-27
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Handheld mobile device is widely used nowadays as a necessary in our daily life. The virtual keyboard, as a essential part in all these kind of mobile devices to provide the typing function. Currently the implement of virtual keyboard is to just simply display a keyboard which looks the same as the traditional keyboard. However, the virtual keyboard usually is very small because of the handheld mobile device size limitation. This bring us much inconvenience when typing in a mobile device. Our invention is a new idea to provide a smarter virtual keyboard in the handheld mobile device to make typing more easier.

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A smarter

A smarter   

This idea is to optimize the virtual keyboard. It uses a smart way which is left and right hand switching, with a3 parts splitted virtual keyboard, to minimize the finger movement when typing a word. The innovation points in this disclosure is as following.

- both handsalternationtyping habits

- spell and morphology analysis

- self learning to generate the major terms

Here is an detailed explanations of this idea with an example. To type the word 'innovation'.

1. There are 3 parts of the keyboard. NO.1 and NO.2 part for characters and numbers. NO.3 part is the options area.

2. The NO.1 part is on the left of the screen. The NO.2 part is on the right of the screen. NO.3 part is on the bottom of the screen.
3. By default, when thekeyboard is triggered , the NO.1 part shows all the characters for the first time.

The NO.2 parts show some keys if to switch to the numbers and symbols.

4. Now the first letter is typed on the NO.1 part keyboard, using the left hand.

5. Take word 'innovation' for example, letter 'i' is typed.

6. Then the NO.2 part will show all the possible words which starts with a 'i'. Such as 'd', 'n' and 's', etc. letter 'n' can be pressed with one's right hand.
7. This time, the NO.3 part will show all the possible words which starts with a'in'. Such as 'in', 'indicate', 'initial', etc.

Choose the word if it is the one that want to type. If it doesn't show 'innovation' this time, keep going.

8. Similarly, the NO.1 keyboard o...