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a new behavior and methodology of viewing the content based web page on mobile device Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246040D
Publication Date: 2016-Apr-28
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this disclosure describes a new behavior to navigate the whole web page in mobile via one finger movement, it includes dynamic location, zooming, moving zooming, scrolling with zooming etc... which is far more convenient for user to browser the whole web page in mobile, comparing to the old way which have to move, and zooming in/out via two fingers with several steps. This is a new way to bring user great experience via using mobile to navigate the web page

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a new behavior and methodology of viewing the content based web page on mobile device

Nowadays, the web page becoming more and more complex than before, as the most popular device is mobile which is marked as limited screen size, so to make better user experience for user browsing the complex web page is a big problem, although the programmer is always trying to make a simplify implementation for mobile web pages, but in most of the situation, when the information grows, the resolution grows and the web grid, excel, chart comes etc..., we can not always make a good solution for user to view on those complex pages conveniently and with great experience. This disclosure describe a new way of viewing the complex pages

This disclosure mainly includes the following main points:

1> patrolling with one finger touch together with press force to go through whole page with different zooming

2> patrolling the press point to control the position(bottom middle) of zooming, the pressing force degree to control the size of zooming

It has following advantages:

1> avoid two fingers zooming

2> avoid the dirty behavior of switch between zooming and moving/scrolling behavior steps:

begin with an original page:


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1> press to initial the location and size of the zooming


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2> adjust the size via the press force, adjust the position via the touch moving.


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3> top and bottom area will scroll up and down together with

4> left and right area will scr...