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Smart Food Container for Portion Control

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246045D
Publication Date: 2016-Apr-28
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Disclosed is a smart container that assists users in controlling food portion sizes.

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Smart Food Container for Portion Control

Determining the proper portion size of a food item (e.g., meat versus vegetable) to fit specific caloric and nutritional needs is a challenge for many people. A person must adjust portions in order to follow a diet that suits a current goal. A simple method is needed to help people properly portion meals.

    Disclosed is a smart container that assists users in controlling food portion sizes. The user places the food item in the container. Through a variety of metrics, both entered by the user and accessed via the Internet, the smart container determines the appropriate portion for that individual. The smart container then cuts the contents of the container to meet specifications. This allows people to easily create portions to fit individual dietary goals. The following describes how to implement the smart container system:

1. User places ingredients in the smart container and covers the container with a lid 2. User inputs data, such as:
A. Personal characteristics (e.g., age, weight, height, etc.)

B. Dietary goals (e.g., lose, maintain, or gain weight)

C. Type of food contained in the container (i.e., ingredients)

3. The system stores the user input and associates it with the user identification (ID)

4. The smart container performs the following: A. Searches an online database for general caloric and nutritional information based on the ingredients the user has entered
B. The smart container interacts with contained volume se...