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Method and System for Dynamic Mobile Shortcut Menu based on User Behavior Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246046D
Publication Date: 2016-Apr-29
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Disclosed is a method and system for dynamic mobile shortcut menu based on user behavior. The mobile app is becoming increasingly diversified and complicated, and the UI is often designed with multiple-level menus to support the rich functionality, but sometimes it’ s not easy for the user to find a specific menu in a short time. In the meantime, different users have different behaviors when using the mobile app, the frequently used menus vary with different individuals, but there is no convenient way to configure the menu according to user’s preferences.

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Method and System for Dynamic Mobile Shortcut Menu based on User Behavior

The disclosed method and system collects and analyzes the user behavior data automatically without user's manual configuration , then provides dynamic shortcut menu (Figure 1) in a user friendly way according to the historical usage pattern, and adapts to user's personalized preferences periodically.

Figure 1 Mobile Shortcut Menu

The System Architecture(Figure 2) comprises three main parts: Monitor module, Analyze module and Visualize module. The Monitor module records user's operations on menus, including usage times, duration and time period, and the Analyze module calculates the weight of each menu based on the usage data periodically, then Visualize module presents the circular shortcut menus to the user with different radiuses. In this way, the user gets a dynamic shortcut menu adapted to his or her own behavior.

Monitor module: Comprises of Usage Data Monitor, Usage Behavior Recorder and Usage Data Repository. When user operates on the mobile app, the monitor records the most frequently used menu items, and total duration of staying on the target view, and the time period of day. Analyze module: Comprises of Analyze Scheduler, Rating Engine and User Profile DB. The weight of each menu item in the app is calculated based on the usage times / frequency (how many times used), duration (how long user stays), time point (morning, noon, evening) and period


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(working days, weekend).

Visualize module: Comprises of Shortcut Menu Controller, Mobile Platform UI Adapter and Shortcut Menu Render. The shortcut menus are displayed in circles with different radius according t...