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Helmet Shroud Assembly Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246056D
Publication Date: 2016-Apr-29
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The 3M 3-Hole NVG shroud assembly is a custom designed component for optimum fit to 3M Helmet geometry. The shroud uses a two piece construction that includes a machined aluminum Night Vision Device (NVD) shroud designed for compatibility to all standard NVD adaptors, and an injection molded Polymer Frame that is designed to perfectly hug the contour of the helmet shell leaving no gaps that can create snag hazards. The Polymer Frame is made with a high strength and toughness polymer. In many cases, the polymer frame is designed to provide two containment sides that are molded to a precise dimension for an accurate fitment of the machined NVD shroud. The machined shroud is attached to the plastic bezel via four small screws that provide a highly rigid integration of the two components.

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The 3M 3‐Hole NVG shroud assembly is a custom designed component for optimum fit to 3M Helmet  geometry. The shroud uses a two piece construction that includes a machined aluminum Night Vision  Device (NVD) shroud designed for compatibility to all standard NVD adaptors, and an injection molded  Polymer Frame that is designed to perfectly hug the contour of the helmet shell leaving no gaps that can  create snag hazards. The Polymer Frame is made with a high strength and toughness polymer. In many  cases, the polymer frame is designed to provide two containment sides that are molded to a precise  dimension for an accurate fitment of the machined NVD shroud. The machined shroud is attached to the  plastic bezel via four small screws that provide a highly rigid integration of the two components. 


The 3M 3‐Hole NVG shroud assembly is a custom designed component for optimum fit to 3M Helmet  geometry.  


The shroud, shown in the figure above, uses a two piece construction that includes the following two  key components: 

 Machined aluminum Night Vision Device (NVD) shroud designed for compatibility to all standard 

  NVD adaptors. 
 Injection molded Polymer Frame that is designed to perfectly hug the contour of the helmet