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PVR method to capture missing footage from a chosen media recording Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246102D
Publication Date: 2016-May-06
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A method to obtain complete program recordings on a PVR not connected to a network

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PVR method to capture missing footage from a chosen media recording

Disclosed is a method for producing a complete media programme recording using a Personal Video Recorder (PVR) that is not connected to a network, by scanning the Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) for future occurrences of the programme.

    This method outlines to solve the instance when a user would like to store a complete recording of a programme but has missed a section of the programme before initiating the recording.

    This method involves a PVR searching the electronic program guide (EPG) to determine the next available airing of a programme that has an existing part-recording. The PVR records only the missing sections of the existing recording. It would then append together these parts to create a complete recording, using the timecode of the programme to determine what parts are required.

    A PVR has the ability to record segments of programmes to its Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and to search the EPG, as required by this method. Due to the number of channels, playback applications and catch-up services available, it is likely the specific programme is available to be recorded soon after the initial part-recorded programme was shown.

    This saves the user from scanning the programme guide themselves and having to append together multiple programme recordings. If this method is unsuccessful, the part recordings still exist. This method saves HDD space, as only the additional recordings are saved, and app...