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System and Method for Displaying Braille from Speech to Text Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246112D
Publication Date: 2016-May-08
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Method and system is disclosed for transcribing a speech in braille in run-time for enabling a blind user to follow the speech in an effective manner.

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System and Method for Displaying Braille from Speech to Text

Disclosed is a method and system for providing live audio transcription in braille.

Figure illustrates a flow diagram for the method and system for providing audio transcription in braille.

In accordance with the method and system, a user's mobile device captures audio input and get it transcribed using speech-to-text transcribers. In an embodiment, appropriate language translation may be performed based on a user's requirement. Thereafter, the text is sent to a braille display which is in communication (wired/wireless) with the user's

mobile device. The text is then displayed as braille dots on the braille display. The braille display operates by raising and lowering different combinations of pins electronically to produce in braille what appears on a portion of a computer screen. The braille display shows up to 80 characters from the screen and are refreshable. The advantage of the braille


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display in comparison to synthetic speech is in its direct access to information, the ability to check format, spacing and spelling, and the fact that it is quiet.

Consider an exemplary scenario, wherein a user who is blind travels to another country to attend a conference. When attending the sessions which are in foreign language, the user uses the system disclosed herein to translate the speech and read the same in braille.

Thus, the method and system disclosed herein enable a visually challenged u...