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Automated definitions of top-importance emails download for light mail client for mobile devices Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246119D
Publication Date: 2016-May-10
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Automated definitions of top-importance emails download for light mail-client for mobile devices - intelligent download limitation of messages without user involvement.

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Automated definitions of top - mobile devices

Light email client is used most frequently on mobile devices like smart phones, tablets or laptops. This is the often case, when the user expects to save memory and power, then every operation which requires internet connection and messages downloading should be done quickly and efficiently. An intelligent download limitation of messages without user involvement is necessary. The proposed solution is to provide a way when the light client does a minimal amount of work to download only the most important messages what implies that 100% of operations related to messages prioritizing is performed on the email server. To assure it, a user needs an intelligent and automated way to define a rule-set, which determines emails' importance. The solution provides the automated rule-set defining with use of a specific combination of weights. The solution is applicable to any type of email client supporting message flags and/or tags, e.g. IMAP protocol. Additionally the solution defines implementation scenarios with infrastructure diagrams. In case of use an light email client on mobile devices to save memory space and battery power there have to be a way to define a rule-set which allows to download only most important emails. The rule-set have to be kept on email server site to minimize time of email client connection in case of choice of synchronizing way limited only to the list of important messages. Proposed list of important emails would be automatically identified on server and could be used by choice when use a mobile device or in case of necessity of time saving.

The proposed solution base on a definition on the server side, to avoid email client overloading. The definition is configured by defining of rule-set. The rule-set can be used with a default definition, or defined by user who fills in email questionnaire being interpreted by the server as e.g. simple script.

Configuration can be also customized by server administrator.

For self learning function, the mail server use flags from messages. Example:

-importance emails download for light mail client for

importance emails download for light mail client for


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The questionnaire generating the confi...