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Location profiling for shareable applications using GPS to determine available devices. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246138D
Publication Date: 2016-May-11
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This article defines a methodology that enables a user of an application to easily control access and permissions to guest users based on location and connectivity data.

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Location profiling for shareable applications using GPS to determine available devices.

An IoT home automation system will have several different components connected
to it, such as controls for lights or heating and sensors distributed around the house. It is likely that these would be connected to a main account, for example one provided by the Internet of Things Foundation [1]. A usability problem this presents
is giving access to certain devices to another user without giving them access to the master account for all devices, or individually setting up profiles for users that may never need to use them again.

Proposed Method

    Have devices connected to a Location Profile such as "Home". If a number of devices are locked to a Home WiFi network, then using GPS signal if a user walks into the Home location a temporary profile is created for the user and granted access to a list of devices specified by the root user.

    Depending on whoever is using the device, the owner of the home is given notifications straight to their phones notification bar so that they can override their interaction with it. The system can also automatically determine that they are the owner of the account based on home-tracking based on continuity of WiFi connection to the phone at night as well as using SSID on device and SSID of

where normally located at home.

Guest user connects to Wifi that has connected IoT system IoT system creates a guest account & links to guests device ID Record usage by guest device On usage, compare to list of 'restricted' or 'priority' devices If the guest devi...