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Publication Date: 2016-May-12
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Disclosed is a system which enables the user to share his journey with a co-passenger. The proposed system is able to aggregate contacts across multiple social media apps like facebook, viber, chaton, whatsapp, instagram, GooglePlus as well as the mobile device's phone book. From the contacts thus aggregated and by ascertaining whether the contact is a first level or second level contact (i.e. degree of separation) as well as the user's preferences as to what degree of separation he/she is comfortable travelling with, the ride request/notification is sent appropriately to each of the respective contacts' OWN social app. so a user on FB will receive the notification on FB messenger, while a Viber user will receive it on Viber and so on.

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The proposed system enables the user to share his/her journey with a person based on preferences/acquaintances.

Sharing a journey with a co-passenger can be:
1. Daily commutation to and from office
2. Journey from the airport or railway station to user's destination
3. A week or a fortnight tour/trek
The user will have to share the dates and routes of travel and make it available to his/her friend circle or to the larger public (who has registered for this application). Interested people can come forward if travel itinerary matches and can split the cost of travel while being environment-friendly at the same time. Moreover, the user can get to meet and share experiences with another person along the way.

Sharing a journey with a co-passenger is always easier on the pocket as well as on the environment. The idea is to provide a single platform where people can share their journey plans or get to know of other plans. It also allows the user to find out if the proposed co-passenger is the right person with whom one would like to share the


Flowchart 1. Steps to get started

User can see the following options when he logs in:

1. View/Edit user profile

2. Create/Add to user's friends circle

3. View/Join a journey in user's friend circle

4. View/Join a journey in the public domain

5. Post user's own journey plan


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Flowchart 2: View/Edit profile and creation of friend circle

1. User enters basic details like name, e-mail id and phone #. He can choose whether or not to receive e-mail notifications. These details will also be necessary to get the list of people he is acquainted with (list

2. User enters other details like profession and preferences (hobbies/interests). This will be necessary to map the user to other people within/outside his circle with whom he would like to interact and possibly share a journey with.

3. Create a user circle: Every user can create his own circle. By default he is the only person within his own circle. He will be displayed the list of people (list 1) whom he can add to his circle. Every person he chooses to add will be sent an invitation to join. Based on acceptance, he/she can be part of user 1's circle.


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Flowchart 3. View/Join a journey in friend circle or public domain

1. User can view journeys posted in the public domain or friend circle. Each journey should have a start and end date along with a brief itinerary, approximate cost and cost-sharing plan.

2. If the user is interested in any of the plans, then he can check more details about the initiator and participants. A user can only choose to share a journey with like-minded people.

3. Based on further interest, the user can send the initiator a request to join the party. Thereafter conversation can follow between both parties and if they agree the applicant is added to the participant list.

Flowchart 4. Process to post the user's journey plan

Journeys a...