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Mechanism to print contents from multiple related sources

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Publication Date: 2016-May-12
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Flexibility to print different sections from multiple documents as per relevance of the contents in the neighborhood of the searched keyword. Relevance criteria could be defined by the user while printing or could be based on context analysis. User will be able to print a combination of paragraphs and lines from different documents based on his choice.

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Mechanism to print contents from multiple related sources


Use of modern printers in any organization is inevitable. Printers provide advanced printing options as a part of user experience and cost effectiveness.

For printing the contents, the user is given options via the printer settings. These settings include
- page orientation
- Font of the contents
- Number of printing copies
- Options to print specific page by providing the number of the page /s
These are just to name a few.

Problem description
The document / records in the system are related with each other by some criteria. For ex:- employee record between different documents / system may be related by employee number. So the user gets the multiple references of related records / documents when checked / searched using the relational criteria.

If the user wants to print the contents completely or partially from all the related records / documents, it has to manually open / select each document and request the print.

There is no mechanism by which the user can print the contents from all the document fully or partially on single click.

For better clarity, refer to the following scenarios which illustrates the real time situation described in the problem statement.

Scenario I :-

There is need to get the customer history for some decision making by the top management. Management needs the consolidated data of this customer history. So the user searches for the customer using customer Id in the system and gets multiple records / documents as a result. The user at this time does not have any mechanism to print the data from all those documents. Also there is no way to print the data from those documents selectively. The user need to open the specific document, select the data to be printed in terms of page number or page range and then it will be able to print the contents....