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Analyzing and identifying business opportunities based on the goods in transit, without impacting the actual delivery time. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246161D
Publication Date: 2016-May-12
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The disclosure suggests a bidding process where delay is being rewarded and deliver now is being charged as premium, where difference in both can be vendor profit. If buyer agrees for delay with reward it is fine else that good goes for normal delivery. Another case suggested is, for the returned goods. From the destination if goods are returned they need to be sent back to source destination. The current commerce industry estimates that loss due to returned goods are heavy. Whereas the proposed mechanism is to send it to the new buyer on discounted price after repackaging. The benefit here is saving in the cost of resending the goods back to source destination which can be offered as a discount to new buyer.

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Analyzing and identifying business opportunities based on the goods in transit , without impacting the actual delivery time.


As the online shopping and e-commerce market is catching up, we see a spurt in the way goods are being shipped. Currently when a person places an order goods are shipped from one location to another with some stopovers as per the route decided by the shipper. While defining a time frame of delivery of goods the shipper adds a buffer time to safeguard from delays in delivery. Movement of goods until delivery is tracked and generally goods are shipped well within time.

Also there is great volume of good condition items being returned which goes back to the warehouse.

The drawback with this approach is that based on the tracking data gathered current systems are not able to analyze and help in identifying any further business opportunities using it. There are certain customer segment which always want items delivered now .

An additional solution is required here to use tracking data and analytics for building a solution which provides an opportunity to new buyers to receive the goods in transit by paying a bit more and simultaneously creating opportunities for business.


The proposal is that analyze the tracking information for goods under shipment. Analyze on the parameters to show which are closest locations that can have it delivered quickly in the path of transit and in the meanwhile calculating that if a new good is shipped again from stockyard it reaches the original buyer in time. Based on these parameters show the people in that location a list of goods that can be delivered to them instantly rather than having to wait for more time based on certain premium or discount.

Analyze the risk reward ratio and calculate premium or discount based on the analysis .

If the item is initial phase of transit (another item can be send to original buyer without any loss ) premium can be less , where as if item is in later part of transit (another item delivery will take considerable amount of time , risk is high of user penalty or user bad review) premium can be high .

If item is being returned and in good state can be offered as discount close to initial part of transit whereas discount can decrease as it reaches close to the warehouse , as reward is more for reselling from ware house to new customer.

The advantages of this approach are :

Analyzing the tracking information and estimated time of delivery from the stockyard, based on which identifying if there are an...