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Smart Yoga from Smart phone/Webcam Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246164D
Publication Date: 2016-May-12
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Smart yoga from smart phone

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Smart Yoga from Smart phone/Webcam

Capturing the body moments/ yoga postures in the Smart phone while doing yoga/exercises/aerobics and correcting/guiding if something wrong through Aerobics application in smart phone/web cam with the help of available camera or sensors

Capturing the body moments/yoga postures while doing exercises/aerobics from the Smart phone and correcting/guiding if something wrong by comparing with already stored in mobile application which we install in the Smart phone. Doing so it will protect from doing some wrong exercises which will cause physical damages to the body. If we develop this application in smart phone with local languages option then it would create the huge demand in the market

1. Initially we can feed the available yoga postures of trainer with the help of Big Data cloud termed as yoga postures Database

2. Now the application would be designed to create the user interface in such a way that the end user can able to select the available exercises in the Exercises list drop down of the application, select the Locale from Language drop down and clicks on Go button then the application provides the video/audio of the trainer of specific selected language with the delay of 5 minutes. Meanwhile the smart phone should be fixed in a position which can capture all the movements of the body

3. The end user would follow the trainer's instructions step by step by viewing audio video visual

4. Info Sphere Streams which can be used to...