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Smart Job Search Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246165D
Publication Date: 2016-May-12
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The present article relates to the feasible solution, how companies can find the right candidates for the right job in trending social networking sites. This method processes list of jobs based on the applicant social posts and communities they follow. Current method also gives relative job search results, so candidates can check/improve their skills to match their desired job..

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Smart Job Search

There are many potential candidates in this world, but due to many factors, companies might be finding difficulty to find the right candidate, Proposed method helps to overcome this challenge through more feasible and friendly manner.

This is a smart phone age, where teenager to elder, everyone is active on social networking sites. On a given day, most of the people post, share or tweet, and follow members, communities. So, system could use API keys to study user's interest based on their posts, and communities to trigger jobs.

Companies could get much exposure, and the brand value of a Company would be maximized along with the candidate experience.


A job applicant, who is very active in the social networking site; if applicant interests in travel communities and applicant shares more information on technology or travel.

Taking user experiences, interests from the profile, (using the API keys) system should trigger the list of

jobs where travel is required. A rough visualization of this scenario based result can be seen below:

Once the user clicks on the link, it should take to the company website, where a video should be embedded which illustrates about the company. Hence, before going to job application user will be aware of the Company profile. 'Send to Friend', 'Share in social sites' options can also be included.

This method could be optional based on user preference