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Method for dynamic bidding for advertisement when user online search history matches with real life event. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246166D
Publication Date: 2016-May-12
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Based on user online activity and when he is travelling and he is listening to radio and he is infront of a bill boards which matches with his previous action, there will be dynamic bidding by competitive billboards to play the same advertisement in the radio to capture user attention and greater impact. Also if user getting engaged tone or ringtome in the phonce call the caller/hello tunes is of the competitive billboard jingle.

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Method for dynamic bidding for advertisement when user online search history matches with real life event.


We are aware that our online activity becomes the source of providing contextual advertisement while we are online .Also we are aware that there is procedure of bidding which happens on the background about which vendor will show the advertisement to the specific online user based on the online activity.

Almost everyone of us have used radios music, news, etc while travelling playing in their vehicle. Also we have observed that radio music often plays advertisement during the break or change over.

Also we observe that while driving we see lots of bill board across the street. While listening to the radio advertisements, our eyes at the same time sees the bill board advertisements .

Also we receive call during travelling, the ring tone of the call can be any musical ring tone .

Now think of a scenario where user does some online activity regarding cars or travel and he starts getting online advertisement related to that .Now he is travelling back home and listening to radio in his car and stops at traffic signal and there are bill boards .He is listening to music and there is some advertisement going in the radio during break.

Observe the disconnect here user was engaged online regarding some thing ,audio trying to advertise something else and visual ad on the billbaord trying to attract to some thing else.

This article tries to suggest method to bridge the gap between audio and visual billboard advertisement and suggest mechanism for dynamic bidding when such event happens .

There are multiple work done in location based advertisement area and also there are prior art which helps in posting audio, visual and text ads across the various media based on user mood, habits, his online searches, mails, etc. But there is no prior art which plays an audio advertisement based on what advertisement user is seeing while on the travel.


Our online activity seeds the online contextual advertising .Also location based advertising have been trying to target users when user are close to certain location etc.

This article suggest method to bridge the gap between user online and real world and play advertisement based on dynamic bidding mechanism when more than one advertisers are interested to advertise to the same user.

This article also extends to suggest telecom operators can play advertisement jingle as ringtone /callertune when user gets into call , based on online footprint...