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Flood and fire proof flash storage device for data protection & availability Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246167D
Publication Date: 2016-May-12
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The described method provides a way to protect the crucial data from IT devices like laptop, server in case of fire & flood, by making use of water/fire proof chamber to protect the flash storage. The in-built circuit breaker helps in disconnecting the flash storage and protects it from short circuits & carrying the heat.

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Flood and fire proof flash storage device for data protection & availability

In emergency situations where evacuation is required, we might not be able to carry IT devices like laptops along with us and have to leave the systems in as is condition. During this situation, we may loose important data if our laptops are exposed to FIRE or WATER. Currently we do not have handy solutions on Data Protection and availability in such situations.

Today we have number of flash storage devices, which are available in market, and comes with FIRE and WATER Proof protection. However, none of them guarantee the flash storage circuit protection if temperature raises beyond its rated value. (The excessive heat generated due to fire might damage the copper connectors of the flash storage device which in-turn damage the flash storage chip internal circuit causing flash storage to malfunction)

Solution being presented here is

 Flash storage device in a fire/water proof protected chamber.

 Handy solution, which is feasible for day-to-day operations.

 In the event of fire or water, the device can be ejected and carried along or can be collected later when things are under control

Note: Since flash/backup device placed in a Fire/heat resistant & water proof material chamber, it will be protected and available even after your system exposed to FIRE and WATER .

In this solution we will introduce Flash device chamber as a data protector on laptops/servers/any mobile device. Sensors will be integrated to the inner and outer surface of the flash device chamber

Components Used: Fire/water proof chamber, flash storage, sensors (inner & outer), circuit breakers, Solenoid, Some Instrumental & Mechanical parts.

Inner & outer Sensors will have closed circuit during normal operations. During the time of impact (Fire or water hazard), the outer sensor will sense the raise in temperature or liquid contact and sends the signal to inner sensor for disconnection. This will trigger the circuit break function through which the flash device chamber disconnects the physical contact of flash storage hence by protecting the damage to the flash storage.

Since flash device chamber is disconnected from all circuits and physical circuit connections, it is safe and reliable solution. (Note: Any Backup application software can be used to sync the data between primary hard disk and flash storage device based on user selection either every few seconds, minutes...etc.).

In the evacuation situation if user is available in front of the system, user can press the eject button to eject the Flash storage device to carry along with him/her, or it can be collected once situation is under control, even after disaster. Since it is protected by fire


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and water proof chamber. It can serve as one of the disaster recovery option for mobile devices. It will be handy, secure, cost effective and easy to operate.

Flash device will be encrypted and protected with double laye...