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iC - DRBZ Electronic Passive Floating Gate Dosimeter for TLD Applications Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246180D
Publication Date: 2016-May-13
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Álvaro Pineda García


iC-DRBZ is a silicon radiation sensor based in floating gate principle. Sensor output is a frequency modulated pulse train proportional to the charge at the floating gate. iC-DRBZ implements on-chip a very low noise signal amplification technique reducing the need of deep gate discharge and allowing a sensor operation in the linear zone. Sensor linearity and resolution are this way enhanced. Temperature effects are internally compensated but if a higher precision is needed, a reference frequency output is provided allowing the micro controller to cancel any temperature offset using a predefined look-up table. In addition, the FG and the reference equivalent frequencies can be read directly via the serial interface as a digital word. A RFID or One wire communication are possible on Request. The chip is suitable to be integrated on standard TLD based Dosimeter as redundant dosimeter or for alarm or warning purposes or as stand alone dosimeter. An on-chip digital thermometer provides information about the system temperature.