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System and method of translating network buzzwords to suitable explaination according to person's age Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246195D
Publication Date: 2016-May-16
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In this disclosure, a method is proposed to help elders to browse news from internet more easy when the buzzwords are using by young man but it's hardly for older to understand. The method will automatic prompt the normal word when the buzzwords in the context . It will help elders to read more easy when some buzzwords in the internet.

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System and method of translating network buzzwords to suitable explaination according to person's age

Currently many elders are also browsing hot news in the websites or APP to extend their insight in many areas. But sometimes,

when they are browsing some hot news, which include several network buzzwords, they are totally lost in this news since they can't catch the context of these network buzzwords. These network buzzwords will confuse them a lot and block them to continue reading. So they need to ask help from their children or search them in search engine to get their explanation so that they can continue reading such news. Obviously this is inconvenient for them. It also applies in little children when they begin to understand social community by reading hot news in the website alone.

Let's take one example to explain it. Recently Penny's mother with 70+ years old has just launched her journey in the website by reading news about health and TV which areas she is very interesting with in web portals. Sometimes for understanding her children a lot, she will also go through the other new areas which young people is involved, such as sports and shopping. Once

when she is browsing one Chinese news with subject "如如如为海海达达" ,which is about how to shop on the overseas website efficiently, she has to give up this browsing on this news since she totally does not know what do these two buzzwords "海海" and " 达达" mean. So these buzzwords are blocking her to continue reading such news for elders. So she can only ask help from others to continue reading, which is inconvenient for them.

So our disclosure can address their pain point. We raise one system and method to translate network buzzwords to universal language according to person's characters, e.g. age. When Penny's mother is browsing the above news subject, our disclosure will detect that she is elder, and then show the corresponding universal words "海外网站购物" and "购物购购丰丰的达" as good prompt so that she can catch the network buzzwords' meaning and continue reading the news' detail as normal....