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A system and method for replacing URL in Email

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246225D
Publication Date: 2016-May-18
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This article describes a method to use a module to check whether email recipients can access the content pointed by an URL(Uniform Resource Locator) in an Email. If any recipient can not access the URL, the module will help sender to replace the URL with real content or put the content to a temporary server and then replace the original link with the new URL link.

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A system and method for replacing URL in Email

When sending an Email that contains a URL(Uniform Resource Locator) to electronic content in content repository to lot of recipients, some recipients may not have accounts in the content repository or may not have permissions to access the electronic content.

Recipients will have to take time to apply for permissions or start from creating an account and then applying for permissions to access that electronic content.

Or recipients may contact Email sender and ask Email sender to download the electronic content and include it as attachments and send out another Email.

The core idea and claim points are:

1. Sender sends an Email which contains URL.

2. A module scans the Email body/subject to determine there is URL.

3. A module verifies whether all of the recipients have access to the electronic content pointed by URL.

4. If there are any recipients without access, the module helps sender to:

Includes the electronic content as attachments or
Put it to another file repository and replace the original URL with new URL(for example, an File

Transfer Protocol(also known as: FTP) server with unique user identifier and password).

5. System sends the Email to recipients.

Below is the workflow:


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An access checking module is responsible for:
1. Scanning the subject and message body of the email to determine whether there is any URL.
2. Checking whether all of the recipients can access that URL.

Take the following Ema...